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Sinikka Freidhof

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Case Study  |  Piping Systems

How Corzan CPVC Meets the Needs of the Global Food Industry 

The food and beverage industry depends on processing materials that will not contaminate the supply. When De Marne's stainless steel mustard piping system became compromised, they turn to an alternative material that could withstand the acidic and high temperature conditions of its line.   About De Marne Since its startup in 1895, De Marne has been a major producer and world exporter of mustard. Named the official mustard supplier to the Royal Family, it’s highly regarded by consumers across the globe. Their products are available in all Dutch supermarkets, and are exported to many parts of Europe, the United States, Canada, Africa, New Zealand and Australia. The De Marne product presence is also expanding in eastern countries, such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. When corrosion was plaguing a previous system of piping and tanks, De Marne found a material that has now delivered reliability for more than a decade. 

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