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Piping Systems  |  Waste and Wastewater Treatment

Why Use CPVC in Wastewater Treatment Plants?

The following is an excerpt from “CPVC Use in Wastewater Treatment Plants.” Download the full ebook to learn more about where CPVC can be installed in wastewater treatment plants, which chemicals CPVC stands up against and how CPVC compares to alternatives in various applications. Wastewater treatment plants are extremely corrosive environments. During the treatment process, large vessels and piping systems convey polluted water and highly corrosive and caustic chemicals. To keep wastewater treatment plants efficient and cost-effective, appropriate material selection is critical. Corrosion to pipes, valves and fittings caused by chemicals and microbes can greatly impact the bottom line at water and wastewater treatment plants. As a result, engineers and procurement officials turn to an economical, reliable material—chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). 

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