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Corzan® pipe and fittings are extruded/molded from highly engineered Corzan CPVC compound.

Our compound is a PVC homopolymer that has been subjected to a chlorination reaction. The resulting resin is compounded with additives to make it processable and enhance the material’s inherent properties.

Our innovative formula and attention to quality is what makes Corzan CPVC one of the most trusted industrial piping materials, metallic or non-metallic.


Basic Physical Properties 

The following basic physical properties are standard for all Corzan CPVC material.


Tensile Strength

Corzan CPVC Piping Tensile Strength


Tensile Modulus

Corzan CPVC Piping Tensile Modulus


Flexural Strength

Corzan CPVC Piping Flexural Strength 


Flexural Modulus 
Corzan CPVC Piping Flexural Modulus 


Compressive Strength

Corzan CPVC Piping Compressive Strength 


Compressive Modulus

Corzan CPVC Piping Compressive Modulus 


Notched Izod Impact

Corzan CPVC Piping Notched Izod Impact


Specific Heat 

Corzan CPVC Piping Specific Heat

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