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Corzan® piping systems are resistant to attack from both fungi and bacteria.

Fungus growth on plastics is supported when plasticizers or other additives are present for the fungus to feed on. Corzan CPVC contains no additives that provide nutrient sources for fungi.

Bacteria are encountered in nearly all situations where water is present. The smooth internal surface of Corzan pipe and fittings provides fewer footholds for bacteria to take hold and multiply.

Our piping is also resistant to the action of all forms of bacteria, many of which are known to cause corrosion in metal piping systems, such as iron-oxidizing bacteria, sulfate-reducing bacteria, and acid-producing bacteria.

Corzan CPVC is also resistant to the most commonly used biocidal chemicals. Compatibility of fungicides and mold inhibitors with CPVC should be confirmed with the fungicide or inhibitor manufacture. The FBCTM System Compatible Program also contains a list of products approved for use with Corzan CPVC.


Biofilm Formation Potential

Industrial Piping Biofilm Formation Potential


Biomass Production Potential

Industrial Piping Biomass Production Potential


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FBCTM System Compatible Program

Find products that are approved for use with Corzan CPVC and get guidance on types of products that might come in contact with Corzan CPVC.

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BIM Object Library

To simplify the process of integrating Corzan® CPVC pipe, fittings and valves into your industrial plant CAD designs, we’ve made our library of BIM objects and specifications available for download.

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