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Understand how the attributes of Corzan® CPVC meet the requirements of desalination system processing.



For over 60 years, Corzan® Pipe and Fittings have provided reliable and durable industrial systems to meet the demands of harsh environments and rigorous processing applications.

The Challenge of Desalination

Corzan® Industrial Systems can manage the chemical feeds desalination systems require, such as those used in reverse osmosis processing. Because Corzan® pipes and fittings are not susceptible to attacks from high chloride, there is no need to passivate the piping system or invest in cathodic protection against corrosion. The materials ability to resist ozonated water, high temperature and UV rays, Corzan® CPVC is the cost-effective, safe and dependable solution for potable water service in desert and coastal environments, which suffer from growing water shortages.

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Chemical resistance

Corzan CPVC has high resistance to a broad range of corrosive environments. Specifying Corzan CPVC extends equipment service life, reduces maintenance and lowers life-cycle costs. 

Optimum pressure

Corzan CPVC can be used for pressurized service up to 93°C (200°F) and offers a higher pressure rating over most of its useful temperature range than most of the other thermoplastic materials used for industrial piping. 

Designed for life

The life-cycle of Corzan CPVC is at 65°C (150°F) and 12 bar (174 psi) 50 years (with water inside), according to ASTM F441 for Schedule 40 and 80 pipe systems.

Designed for all-sites

Corzan CPVC withstands the effects of direct sunlight in far hotter ambient conditions (in excess of 49°C / 120°F) and under UV exposure, pressure bearing capabilities and life time of the system performance characteristics remain unaffected.

Why Corzan® CPVC Piping is the Ideal Choice for Desalination Systems

Transforming saline water from our oceans (which contains dissolved salt and various minerals) to potable water is an intensive industrial practice, which requires changes in temperature and pressure, all within a corrosive environment. It is one of the most challenging environments in which Corzan CPVC is used.


Chemical Resistance

Ferric Chloride, used in desalination is a highly corrosive oxidiser, which can cause pitting  & crevice corrosion in metal pipework. Corzan CPVC has oxidation resistance engineered into the molecular structure of CPVC for best in class corrosion resistance, against ferric chloride, sulfuric acid, sodium bisulfite and more.


Cost comparison

When compared to other pipe technologies, Corzan CPVC generates installed cost savings of > 25%. Corzan CPVC also serves as a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel, particularly in the application of hazardous chemicals.

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