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More than 1 billion feet of CPVC was installed in plumbing systems globally in 2017. CPVC has established itself as the material of choice for hot and cold water plumbing systems. 

However, not all CPVC is the same. Only Corzan® CPVC pipes and fittings offer proven performance backed by nearly 60 years of successful installations and can call itself the pioneer in CPVC technology.

Proven Performance 

Our first plumbing systems were installed more than 55 years ago, and many of those are still in use today.

Superior Material Properties

Corzan Piping Systems are the only complete CPVC pipe and fitting systems made from materials pressure rated by the Plastic Pipe Institute®. Our pipes and fittings are tested to the highest performance standards and consistently outperforms other CPVC materials by a significant margin including:

  • 18-92% higher sustained pressure resistance at elevated temperatures.
  • 33-80% higher resistance to impact fracture.
  • Fittings last up to 4X longer at elevated temperatures and pressures.

Corzan CPVC meets or exceeds the necessary safety, performance and quality assurance requirements of key international approval agencies, including:

  • ASTM International
  • NSF International
  • Kiwa
  • Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS)
  • British Standards (BSi)
  • Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO)

Superior Customer Support

When you buy Corzan Piping System, you get more than just the pipe and fittings—you have access to an entire network of highly trained technical experts. The global team consists of contractors, engineers, code experts, scientists and product experts dedicated to successful plumbing systems.

Consistent Quality

Corzan Piping System is only manufactured by the most reputable companies in the world. Each partner manufacturer is required to participate in our quality assurance program, which guarantees that every Corzan CPVC product you purchase will provide consistent quality regardless of where, when or by whom it was manufactured.

Chemical Compatibility

To help contractors and plumbers ensure reliability, Corzan Piping Systems are supported by the industry leading FBC™ System Compatible Program. The program eliminates the guesswork associated with identifying the chemical compatibility of ancillary construction products.

  Corzan CPVC Generic CPVC
Proven Performance Yes Unknown
Highest Performance Ratings Yes Unknown
Technical Support Yes No
FBC™ System Compatible Yes No
Consistent Manufacturing Yes Unknown
60 Years in Production Yes No

Debunking CPVC Myths

Find straightforward answers to questions about: joint reliability, drinking water safety, service life and more.


Corzan® Piping System Installation Guide

Our team of product and engineering experts provide step-by-step instructions to properly install a FlowGuard piping system to ensure its long-term reliability.


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