The Pioneer in CPVC Piping Technology

Backed by Lubrizol Corporation's 50+ years, Corzan CPVC technology is a problem-free, long-lasting piping system that is easy to install, requires little-to-no maintenance, and offers optimum flow rates. All this translates to lower life-cycle costs, less downtime and greater value.

Corzan CPVC inherently offers superior resistance to the corrosive chemicals, high temperatures and pressures found in the harshest industrial processing applications. At the same time, it safeguards your buildings against bacteria and biofilms with efficient and flexible designs, making it the choice for schools, healthcare, commerical buildings and more. 

Delivering Reliability to ...

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Commercial Plumbing

Eliminate corrosion, reduce maintenance costs and improve overall reliability.


Chemical Processing

Reliably transport aggressive chemicals at high temperatures, under pressure, without corrosion concerns.


Mineral Processing

Withstand the demands of precious and raw material processing operations.


Power Generation

Stand up long-term to the high pressures and corrosive chemicals commonly used by power plants.



Meet the high purity standards for cleanrooms and eliminate corrosion concerns caused by aggressive chemicals.


Wastewater Treatment

Put an end to corrosion, even when transporting the most aggressive disinfection chemicals.