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Corzan® CPVC for Molded Parts

Many manufacturers of injection-molded parts choose Corzan® CPVC because of its efficiency of production and manufacturability as well as its superior molecular entanglement, which yields a more durable final CPVC product.

Webinar: Corzan® CPVC Tower Packings, Tanks and Other Fabricated Components

In this free webinar recording, hear the experts discuss ISO-based information on Corzan CPVC’s fire and smoke characteristics, cost effectiveness and more.

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Applications Using Corzan CPVC Molded Parts


Molded parts made from the Corzan CPVC compound inherit its corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and other material advantages as any product made with Corzan CPVC.

A variety of molded parts made from Corzan CPVC that can be used in various industrial applications include:

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Tower Packing
  • Rods and Shapes
  • Special Valves
  • Special Fittings
  • Custom Parts

Where Corzan CPVC Is Used

Corzan CPVC is an ideal choice for certain molded parts in chemical processing applications.

RVT Process Equipment Becomes a Corzan® CPVC Partner Manufacturer

Learn why RVT Process Equipment trusts only Corzan CPVC for its signature tower packings and why Lubrizol Advanced Materials trusts RVT as an official partner manufacturer.


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