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Where It’s Used: Cooling for Crypto Mining and Data Centers

Data centers and cryptocurrency mining operations use an enormous amount of power and generate a lot of heat. The Digiconomist estimates that the two major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, use as much energy as the country of Indonesia. Equally energy-hungry, the average large data center will use over 90 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. As these racks of servers do their computing work, some aisles can reach over 100°F (37.77°C). A reliable, durable cooling system is essential to avoiding downtime, which can have devastating consequences in these industries.

Corzan® CPVC is carefully engineered to handle high temperatures at high pressures with very low thermal conductivity and never uses plasticizers that can leach into dielectric coolants, making it the superior choice for data centers and crypto mining operations. Corzan CPVC is compatible with some dedicated immersion cooling fluids; please contact us for more information and to discuss your project.



A Solution Data Processing and Crypto Mining Industries Trust

When downtime means literal money lost, data centers and crypto mines need a piping solution with a proven record of near-constant uptime with minimal or no maintenance. Corzan Industrial Systems have nearly 60 years of success in a wide array of applications worldwide and Corzan CPVC sets the bar for the thermoplastic industry. Corzan CPVC has been tested to ensure performance even under varying pressures, exceeding ASTM 441 pressure requirements even at joints and ASTM D1598 for long-term high-temperature pressure testing.

Corzan CPVC can be designed and installed in a dual-containment configuration to virtually eliminate leak risk or with a lower cost tray-type system. In either form, Corzan CPVC surpasses other materials in performance and cost for:

  • Low thermal conductivity, avoiding condensation as ambient temperature fluctuates
  • Withstanding mechanical and thermal stresses
  • Corrosion and scale resistant, keeping cooling water free of impurities
  • Biofilm formation resistant, inhospitable to microbial growth
  • Rated for plenum and two-hour resistance

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