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Corzan® CPVC versus Generic CPVC

When reducing costs, corrosion and time to install is a factor, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is an excellent alternative to metal piping for many applications. But just like any material, CPVC varies in quality, reliability and service life depending on the compounds that comprise them. When specifying and installing CPVC materials, look for “Made with Corzan® CPVC” to make sure you’re getting only the best.

What qualities make Corzan CPVC the best CPVC product on the market?

Every Batch is Consistent and Traceable

Quality and consistency have been among Lubrizol’s core commitments since 1959, when Lubrizol Advanced Materials (formerly B.F. Goodrich Performance Materials) pioneered the CPVC compound. To maintain these commitments, the proprietary Corzan CPVC compound has a specified molecular weight and chlorine content plus additives unique to Corzan CPVC. This creates a CPVC product unlike any other available. Furthermore, all Corzan CPVC compound sold in the U.S. is manufactured at one company-owned plant in Louisville, Kentucky. This ensures that purity of the Corzan CPVC compound – which in turn delivers the consistent, reliable quality that generic CPVC can’t.

Corzan CPVC Undergoes Extensive Testing

Lubrizol Advanced Materials has invested in best-in-class, in-house testing facilities and expert staff to test new compounds and assess the performance of existing ones. Corzan CPVC doesn’t just meet standards but exceeds them.

Lubrizol routinely conducts tests on Corzan CPVC products for:

And even Corzan CPVC customers have independently tested it against generic alternatives and found that the generic had a very porous structure compared to the compact structure of Corzan CPVC and that Corzan CPVC would offer the greatest likelihood of a long, successful system service life.

Only Corzan CPVC has the FBC™ System Compatible Program and Chemical Resistance Data

Committed always to safety and reliability, Lubrizol developed two, data-based resources that give you the confidence that your project using Corzan CPVC is advancing only with the right materials.

The FBC™ System Compatible Program is a third-party administered testing program and data set that determines whether an ancillary product that may come in direct contact with the external surface of a product made with Corzan CPVC can be used without decreasing product life or risking failure. The mobile app means that this data is right at your fingertips as you select everything from disinfectants to paint. Generic CPVC brands may claim that this data applies to their product, but the FBC™ System Compatible program has been designed to only apply to products made with TempRite® Technology, including Corzan CPVC.

To help specifying engineers determine whether Corzan CPVC is suitable for the materials that will touch its inner surface, we developed the Chemical Resistance Table. This tool holds data on over 400 harsh chemicals that may run through Corzan CPVC pipe, with each chemical marked as recommended, not recommended, satisfactory resistant or environmental stress cracking (ESC) possible.

Corzan CPVC is Manufactured Only by Industry-Leading Partners

Lubrizol partners with only industry-leading companies to manufacture products made from Corzan CPVC. These partners must meet rigorous production and quality standards and have a track record of reliability.

Valuable Support When and How You Need It

Buying Corzan CPVC comes with the expert support of the Lubrizol Advanced Materials team, the pioneer in CPVC technology. We are here to help you see a project from initial material selection to successful completion – every step of the process is an integral part of a well-functioning system. Specifiers, project engineers and installers can choose online or in-person resources to get the support needed in each case. And many online resources like the BIM Object Library and thermal expansion calculator provided self-service support for your projects.

When designing and installing any system, never settle for less. Learn why you should always look for the Corzan® CPVC name.