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Corzan Chemical Resistance Evaluation Criteria

To develop these recommendations, test data was reviewed in conjunction with field experience and information gathered from various sources to develop the recommendations shown. For industrial process piping applications, this testing comprised coupons of CPVC material immersed in the chemical and held at a constant temperature for 90 days. Resistance evaluations were made using weight gain and change in strength measurements following exposure. It should be noted that laboratory testing is by nature limited in scope and cannot possibly evaluate the effect of all potential variables on the performance of a complex operational piping system. Variations in pipe and fitting production quality, fluid composition, concentration, pressure and temperature; as well as system installation and maintenance can affect the life expectancy of any piping system, especially those carrying extremely corrosive chemicals such as peroxides or concentrated acids and caustics. The full hydrostatic pressure rating of the pipe may not apply to the entire range of temperature and concentration designated as recommended.