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Total Cost of Ownership

The savvy specifier will look at all costs associated with a possible material before choosing one. When properly specified and installed, Corzan® CPVC has a lower up-front material cost and a lower total cost of ownership than competing materials.

Industrial Applications

No matter the material, costs are on the rise. Even so, Corzan CPVC remains less expensive than metallic alternatives and PP-R, which can be several hundred percent costlier than CPVC. Corzan CPVC can represent much lower initial out-of-pocket for large, industrial projects like piping, ducting, tank lining & fabrication and molded parts. Beyond actual material costs, Corzan CPVC is almost one-sixth the weight of metal, meaning it can be transported using fewer shipments and less fuel. Projects using Corzan CPVC save even more on installation costs because Corzan CPVC can be joined with solvent cement welding, avoiding the expenses of the downtime and specialist labor needed to weld metal.

Energy Efficiency

Yet another way Corzan CPVC is a superior choice is its potential to earn a project LEED credits. LEED certification represents a net benefit, not only because LEED-certified materials are often more energy efficient overall but also because LEED certification earns tax credits in many states.

Durable and Corrosion-Resistant in Harsh Conditions

Corzan CPVC’s innate corrosion resistance, toleration of extremely harsh chemicals and minimal maintenance requirements give it a very long, highly cost-effective service life.

Depending on the harshness of the material they’ll handle, some systems must be replaced under a decade after installation to avoid these problems. But not properly specified and installed Corzan CPVC. Naturally corrosion resistant and reinforced by its molecular makeup, many Corzan CPVC industrial systems installed decades ago are operational and as functional as the day they were installed.

Further costs are saved by Corzan CPVC’s low thermal conductivity. Metal conducts heat and cold to such a significant degree that money can be lost trying to keep the materials inside the pipe at the right temperature as the sun tries to heat it up or the cold weather saps its heat. Corzan CPVC is a barrier to the outside world, conducting significantly less heat through its walls, and stands up to harsh conditions over time, unlike other plastics, which can degrade when exposed to extreme temperatures or UV rays.

Minimal Maintenance

Unlike metallic systems or those made of lower-quality plastics, systems made with Corzan CPVC require little – if any – maintenance. This means significant labor savings over time, in addition to minimized losses from downtime. When Corzan CPVC needs maintenance, the multiple repair methods available help get you back up and running with minimal interruption and cost.

Plumbing and Hydronics

Many specifying engineers and installers choose PEX or PVC for commercial plumbing and HVAC jobs because of their low cost. While slightly more expensive than these materials, systems made with Corzan CPVC have a longer service life without degraded performance or risk of failure.

The fact is that metal corrodes and that many plastics become chlorine stripped. These factors weaken materials and can lead to reduced flow rates, leaks from environmental stress cracking (ESC) or even system failure. Corzan CPVC’s innate corrosion resistance and chlorine-resistant chemical makeup make it exceptional for handling potable water and hydronics for decades of ideal performance.

Corzan CPVC’s lighter weight also means that, whether prefabricated or fabricated onsite, fewer laborers can install Corzan CPVC in less time, with less effort and with just a few handheld tools compared metal. This minimizes downtime and saves on labor costs.