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Where It’s Used: Mineral Processing

Piping in the mineral processing industry faces tough challenges used from the chemical solutions they convey. Whether the operation is extracting precious materials from the ground or processing raw materials after being excavated, mineral processing taxes the long-term reliability of the piping system – especially since concentrations of a given material can change dramatically during the processing and refining process. And the high-temperature, highly corrosive chemicals typically used in mining operations further stress pipes and can lead to premature failures and ongoing, costly maintenance challenges.

Highly durable Corzan® Piping Systems stand up to the immense challenges of mineral processing plants over the long-term better than any other piping material, metallic or non-metallic. Corrosion, sedimentation and crystallization compromise the integrity of most metallic systems. But Corzan CPVC offers superior resistance to most acids, bases and salts and aliphatic hydrocarbons such as:

  • Copper sulfate
  • Zinc sulfate
  • Sodium sulfate
  • Metabisulphite
  • Sodium cyanide
  • Sulfuric acid

Corzan CPVC used for processing minerals

A Solution the Mineral Processing Industry Trusts

Corzan Piping and Material Solutions have more than 15 years of success in some of the largest mineral processing plants in the world, operating continuously without interruptions caused by leaks or repairs. Areas where Corzan Piping and Material Solutions especially surpass other materials from a performance and cost standpoint include:

  • Electrolysis operations
  • Electrowinning
  • Electrorefining
  • Acid service lines
  • Tailings lines
  • Gas vent scrubbers
  • Froth flotation operations
  • Wastewater treatment plants
Made of a specialty, high-performance material, Corzan CPVC provides the necessary mechanical strength and corrosion resistance required by mineral processing operations to:
  • Eliminate internal and external corrosion
  • Reduce installation time and promote safety
  • Lower life-cycle costs, less maintenance and no corrosion monitoring
  • Provide excellent hydraulic capabilities
  • Minimize total system costs with stable material prices

With higher reliability and lower installation and maintenance costs than the alternatives, Corzan CPVC can often pay for itself in as little as a few months, depending on the size and nature of the operation.

Report: Understanding CPVC Piping

This free report is a deep dive into Corzan CPVC’s capabilities, benefits and performance in even the harshest industrial applications.


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