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eBook: Choosing the Right CPVC

Learn Why Not All CPVC Piping Systems Are Equal

Choosing the Right CPVCThermoplastic CPVC is an alternative that provides a solution to the shortcomings of metallic piping materials, including:

  • Corrosion
  • Material price instability
  • High jobsite labor costs
  • Scale buildup and associated flow area
  • Concerns about biofilm growth and the risk of Legionella-based illness

When it comes to technology, quality and value-added support, all CPVC isn’t the same, however. In this e-book for piping system designers and installers, we’ll explain why a generic form of CPVC is not preferred. Choosing Corzan® Material and Piping Solutions can help you exceed your timeline, budget and performance goals and set up your piping system for long-term success.

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