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Where It’s Used: Education

Safety is top priority for school buildings. Corzan® Piping Systems can help keep the system free of potentially deadly bacteria like Legionella. Third-party studies show that Corzan pipe and fittings consistently outperform competitors in both biofilm formation potential and resistance to the effects of chlorine on piping systems. Corzan CPVC will not crack, pit or corrode like some metals or other plastics when exposed to highly chlorinated water in temperatures up to 200°F (93.3°C), the conditions required for piping system disinfection and will provide maximum water flow during the life of the system.

Corzan CPVC can also reduce installation costs by 50% compared to other materials depending on size and scope of a job, due to its relatively lower material cost, light weight and easy joining methods. This means less out-of-pocket to buy system materials and fewer installers and little or no specialized equipment for installation. Corzan CPVC can be reliably solvent welded to create super-strong joints or can be mechanically joined, which reduces system downtime during installation. Combine these joining methods with Corzan CPVC’s minimal maintenance over the system’s life, and you have a piping system that will stay functional for the long-haul and return to normal faster in the event of needed repairs.



How Does Corzan CPVC Compare?

Corzan CPVC has more than 50 years of success in a wide array of plumbing and HVAC applications worldwide. Corzan CPVC sets the bar for the thermoplastics industry and surpasses competing materials on the following qualities in education applications:

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