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Corzan® CPVC for Industrial Pipe & Fittings

Not all CPVC is the same. When you’re specifying and installing Corzan® pipe and fittings, you’re choosing material backed by 50 years of science, technology and premiere field technical support.

Chemical Resistance Tool

Lubrizol has data on Corzan CPVC’s suitability against over 400 chemicals and compounds to help determine whether Corzan CPVC is right for your application.



The starting point for any successful job is choosing the right material. Is Corzan CPVC right for yours?


Proper installation is critical to the performance of a system. Corzan CPVC is lighter and easier to install than metallic alternatives, requiring less time and labor to install.

Where Corzan CPVC is Used

Case Study: ResinTech

Learn why ResinTech president Larry Gottlieb trusted only Corzan CPVC for the ResinTech facility in Camden, NJ, USA.

eBook: Metal vs. CPVC

How does Corzan CPVC compare to metal piping systems for temperature and pressure resistance, corrosion and other essential traits? Hear what the experts have to say.

Corzan® CPVC Use in Power Generation Plants

Enormous amounts of water, caustics and corrosives pass through power generation plants each day. Corzan CPVC piping systems provide long-term reliability and safety to this industry.

Contact a Corzan CPVC Specialist

With combined decades of experience working with industrial pipe and fittings, the Corzan CPVC team is ready to tackle your toughest questions about whether Corzan CPVC is right for your industrial application.

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