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Where It’s Used: Multi-Family Housing

Corzan® Piping Systems provide long-term reliability and performance to ensure multi-family properties stand the test of time, even as residents and visitors come and go.

Corzan Piping Systems have been proven to be four times quieter than copper piping, reducing tenant complaints about pipe noise. A properly installed Corzan piping system can offer years of worry-free service, but if a cut-in or repair is ever needed, mechanical joining allows property managers to make the necessary alterations and get their Corzan piping system back online quickly and reliably.

Corzan CPVC can also reduce installation costs by 50% over other materials depending on size and scope of a job due to Corzan CPVC’s light weight and fast joining methods. Material costs are lower and more stable than copper, whose prices have skyrocketed over the past decade and are prone to fluctuations, and Corzan CPVC can also easily withstand chlorine concentrations of 3,000 ppm or more.

How Does Corzan CPVC Compare?

Corzan CPVC has decades of success in a wide array of plumbing and HVAC applications worldwide. Corzan CPVC sets the bar for the thermoplastics industry and surpasses competing materials on the following qualities in multi-family housing applications:

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Phoenix Apartment Complex Customer Story

See how one apartment owner met his building’s HVAC needs for a better price and a super-fast installation with Corzan CPVC.

Video: Why Does Your Company Rely on Corzan CPVC?

Hear directly from Breeden Mechanical (Virginia, USA) on the reasons they trust Corzan CPVC for both multi-family and commercial projects.

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