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Corzan® CPVC for Hydronic HVAC

Corzan® CPVC pipe and fittings are specifically engineered to meet the temperature and pressure requirements of hydronic HVAC applications and to handle chilled and boiler water treated with corrosion inhibitors, biocides and other treatment chemicals.

Pipe Sizing Calculator

Corzan CPVC provides a sizing tool to aid in the specification for pipes in hydronic and HVAC systems. Optimize your design by calculating the correct pipe size, number of expansion loops and more.

Use the Pipe Sizing Calculator Now


Specifying the right materials for a project is the first step to ensuring success. Get information on specifying Corzan CPVC for hydronic HVAC projects and other helpful design resources.


Proper installation is critical to system performance. Corzan CPVC is lighter and easier to install than metallic alternatives, requiring less time and labor.

Where Corzan CPVC Is Used

Corzan CPVC can be used in HVAC projects including chillers, air handlers, boilers, air separators, pumps and heat exchangers and condensate drains in plenums in applications including:

HVAC Design Guide

This free guide includes information on heat transfer fluids, corrosion inhibitors and more when considering Corzan CPVC for HVAC projects.

Phoenix Apartment Complex Customer Story

How did Arizona Integrity Plumbing use Corzan CPVC to repipe a hydronic HVAC project in record time?

Contact a Corzan CPVC Specialist

Switching to Corzan CPVC for HVAC projects is easy with the help of a Corzan CPVC specialist. Get insights into flammability and plenum ratings, lower installed costs, resistance to the growth of Legionella in cooling towers, ability to withstand aggressive ASHRAE 188-compliant decontamination procedures and more.


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