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Where It’s Used: Government & Institutional

Government buildings like courthouses, departmental headquarters and post offices and institutional buildings like prisons and jails have similar life-preserving obligations to healthcare and educational facilities: near-100% uptime, avoiding biofilm and Legionella and handling high temperatures. But unlike most hospitals and educational facilities, these structures are designed, built and operated under public scrutiny. Downtime or impure water has not just terrible consequences to human health but also negatively impacts public trust.

Whether building a new structure or retrofitting a historic structure, Corzan® pipe and fittings for plumbing or HVAC ensure a quality water supply, eliminate corrosion and scaling and require minimal maintenance over the life cycle. Corzan CPVC is durable in harsh conditions and has a lower total cost of ownership, maintaining efficiency and budget stability compared to traditional metal materials. Metal pits and scales, causing links and downed service and incurring replacement costs. Corzan CPVC is naturally corrosion-resistant, and its smooth interior surface is inhospitable to the growth of biofilm.

Corzan CPVC withstands highly chlorinated water in temperatures up to the 200°F (93.33°C) required for biofilm remediation and disinfection, outperforming stainless steel, copper, PP-R and PEX. It is also more robust and reliable under varying pressure and temperature conditions as often exist in large systems, handling pressure and temperature spikes with ease. And Corzan CPVC can be joined with solvent welding, requiring no flame or smoke from soldering equipment. This keeps historic buildings safe from fires during installation.

How Does Corzan CPVC Compare?

Corzan CPVC has more than 50 years of success in a wide array of plumbing and HVAC applications worldwide. Corzan CPVC sets the bar for the thermoplastics industry and surpasses competing materials on the following qualities in government and institutional applications:


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