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Cutting Corzan® CPVC

Corzan® Material can be easily cut to meet your needs. Before beginning to cut, thoroughly examine pipe and fittings for cracks, gouges or other signs of damage that may have been caused by improper handling. Pay particular attention to the inside surface of the part, as sometimes the outside surface may not exhibit damage.

Cut Corzan CPVC with a ratchet cutter, wheel-type plastic tubing cutter, power saw, or fine-toothed saw or using these recommended methods:

  • Best results are obtained by using fine-toothed saw blades (16 to 18 teeth per inch) with little or no offset (0.025 in. max.).
  • Circular power saws (6,000 rpm) or band saws (3,600 ft./min.) are recommended using ordinary hand pressure.
  • Miter boxes or other guide devices are strongly recommended for manual operation to ensure square cuts.
If using a pipe vise, avoid saw-toothed jaws should not be used. A rubber sheet or other type of material may be used to protect the pipe from the rough edges of the pipe vise.

If preparing Corzan CPVC for threading, take special care:

  • The dies used for cutting threads on Corzan pipe should be clean, sharp and in good condition and reserved for use only with plastic materials.
  • Dies should have a 5° negative front rake when power threading machines are used and a 5° to 10° negative front rake when pipes are threaded by hand.
  • When using power threading equipment, dies should not be driven at high speeds or with heavy pressure.
  • The threads may be checked with a ring gauge to ensure accuracy. The gauging tolerance is +/- 1.5 turns.

Chamfering and Deburring

Burrs and filings can prevent proper contact between the pipe and fitting and may put undue stress on the pipe and fitting assembly. Burrs and filings must be removed from the outside and inside of the pipe. A chamfering tool or file is suitable for this purpose.

A slight bevel should be placed at the end of the pipe to ease entry of the pipe into the socket and minimize the chances of wiping solvent cement from the fitting. For pipe sizes 2-inches and larger, a 10° to 15° chamfer of 3/32-inch is recommended.

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