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Precisely engineered.
Real-world tested.

Corzan® CPVC technology embodies the highest standard of product quality and performance for building, engineering and piping professionals.

Material Advantages

Corzan CPVC technology provides a practical and sustainable solution to the shortcomings of metal and other polymers that reduce system service life and water quality in both industrial and commercial applications.

Support & Training

Backed by nearly 60 years of experience, our specialists are always on call to provide advice and training throughout the life of a piping system.

Our expert team can help with:

  • Material and product selection.
  • Project specifications.
  • Engineering design support and recommendations.
  • New product and application development.

Corzan CPVC Stands Up to the Harshest Chemicals

Corzan CPVC is tested against over 500 chemicals and compounds for suitability and formulated to effectively stand up to most acids, bases and salts. It is also innately resistant to corrosive chemicals, including the 10 commonly used chemicals that can degrade and reduce the service life of many metals.

Select a chemical to explore why Corzan CPVC is the more suitable choice.

When designing and installing any system, never settle for less. Always look for the Corzan CPVC name.

Where Corzan CPVC Is Used

Corzan CPVC is the ideal solution for many applications and industries.

Plumbing and Hydronic HVAC

With the material advantages for potable water quality and ease of installation, Corzan CPVC is the ideal solution for many commercial settings.

Industrial Environments

With physical characteristics for chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, Corzan CPVC is able to meet the aggressive and specialized needs of industrial settings.

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