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3 Questions to Ask a CPVC Piping System Provider

In a field that's historically been led by metal, chlorinated polyvinylchloride (CPVC) is gaining tremendous traction as the piping material of choice for many industrial applications. This is thanks to CPVC's:

  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • High distortion temperature
  • Pressure rating
  • Ease of installation
  • Lower life-cycle cost

However, when considering CPVC piping, it’s important to note that not all CPVC material performs the same.
 Each manufacturer's CPVC compound is made with base resins that have different molecular weights and varying chlorine contents, as well as different compound additives that can affect compatibility and long-term performance.

To ensure a provider's CPVC satisfies the demands of your industrial application, ask the following four questions.


What Testing is Required of Your CPVC? 

It’s recommended that you check with your piping supplier to determine what specific tests the pipe manufacturer performs on its finished product. Specifically, you'll want to inquire about: 

  • Minimum burst pressure requirements
  • Dimensional tolerances
  • Residual stress requirements
  • Drop impact requirements
  • Fusion property

The values needed to satisfy your specific industrial application will vary based on a number of factors, but a manufacturer should be able to provide you access to this validated data. 


Do You Have Documented Chemical Compatibility Data?

While CPVC is resistant to a broad range of corrosive chemicals, it’s important to note that not all chemicals are compatible for use with CPVC.

Corzan® industrial piping systems has tested hundreds of different chemicals 
to determine our material's compatibility with each at ambient temperature as well as a max. operating temperature. You can see our chemical resistance table here

Ideally the manufacturer you are working with can provide similar empirical data. 


Is Your Material Backed by Technical Support and Expertise?

When choosing a CPVC material, it’s important to look for support beyond the initial sale. Help during the product evaluation and specification stage is to be expected, but can the manufacturer be counted on to provide advice, information and training throughout installation and over the course of the piping system's life span?  

Corzan Industrial Systems has a team of regional and engineering specialists on hand to provide ongoing support to prospects and customers. From job-site training to ongoing consultation and advice, we stand behind our product, partner manufacturers and customers. 


Technical Support When You Need It

From spec writing to installation, the Corzan Industrial Systems team of industrial and engineering specialists are here to provide the advice, information and training needed to select and integrate the best piping solution for your application. Request a free consultation. 


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