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Constructing Quality Specifications: Why Corzan® CPVC Is Cost Effective

Quality specifications have a direct impact on long-term performance. Industrial facility project managers know they must take quality into account when determining the most suitable material for demanding piping systems. If you have the ability to specify high-quality materials without incurring additional costs, it is a win-win for any facility. If using quality specifications is not part of the process, they are putting their facilities at risk for unplanned downtime and other liabilities. But is the cost of quality too high?

How to be competitive with quality specifications is an issue that rears its head with any cost analysis on a project. With engineered materials like CPVC that come in both generic and branded versions, it’s commonly thought that requiring a minimum of three quotations simply disqualifies what might be the best solution for quality.

The Competitive Landscape

But the news is all good in the case of a verifiably higher quality material like Corzan® CPVC. Corzan technology is used by multiple pipe manufacturers, so these products have widespread distribution in the U.S. and are competitively priced. Time and again, customers are surprised when they go out for quotes that the cost landscape is so favorable. Good project managers understand that you have to look at the big picture. That means looking at the cost of materials, the cost of labor to install the materials, and the long-term cost of ownership of the material selected. Corzan CPVC commonly comes out on top when compared to many materials in the industry, especially steel and alloys. Having a network of manufacturers providing high-end materials with consistent chemical and impact resistance is a key ingredient to our over 60 years of success.

Yet, as partner manufacturers to Lubrizol Advanced Materials, these same companies have committed to meeting rigorous production and quality standards to preserve Corzan CPVC’s longstanding reputation as the most specified industrial grade CPVC in the world.

Unlike generic CPVC, Corzan CPVC is:

  • A proprietary compound with a specified molecular weight and chlorine content plus additives to ensure long-term performance commonly referred to as a finished compound ready for processing.
  • Formulated to achieve pressure ratings, tensile strength, and impact strength for the finished product that exceed minimum applicable industry standards
  • Processed by ISO 9000 certified manufacturing partners that have industry-best quality systems that go above and beyond the minimums of ASTM standards
  • The most consistent chemical resistance and weatherability performance in the industry.

This is the foundation upon which high performance is built.

Corzan CPVC Is Quality Engineered

But what about the initial cost? While generic CPVC materials may be available at a lower initial cost, any immediate savings can be wiped out by longer-term liabilities no piping system should face.

Partner manufacturers of pipe and fittings have a track record of success in imparting full and reliable performance properties to the Corzan CPVC compound. They accomplish this by defined extrusion and die tooling processes that produce the Schedule 80 pipe delivered to the job site.

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Corzan CPVC: The Highest Quality and Most Cost-Effective Piping System

The bottom line is that, in addition to costing less than common and exotic metal systems, process piping using Corzan CPVC has numerous cost-effective advantages. It is lightweight as well as easy to handle, store, cut and join with solvent cement, so transportation and installation costs are substantially lower. The icing on the cake is a complete piping solution that is engineered for total integration, widely distributed, and backed by comprehensive, coast-to-coast support – all from one reliable source. Quality never has to take a back seat.


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