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Corzan CPVC Offers Affordable Alternative to Rising Steel Prices

As steel prices continue to climb, plumbing engineers, contractors, specifiers and project owners are finding a reliable, more stable alternative in plastic piping products such as Corzan® CPVC.

Copper and steel have long been susceptible to price swings. Recently, steel’s volatility and uncertainty have increased due to a 25% import tariff imposed by the Trump Administration in March. While waivers had been in place for Canada, Mexico and the European Union, those were eliminated in late May, and the 25% tariff was put in place June 1.

In an article on MarketWatch, Joe Casucci, CEO of FJM Ferro Inc., a steel fabricator and erector based in New York, said that the earlier tariffs had driven American mills to increase prices nearly 30%. “This new threat to where Canada and Mexico, which were once exonerated, will potentially also now have tariffs ... will send an already volatile steel market into prices unknown,” he told the website.

For piping systems, Corzan CPVC offers an ideal alternative to the rising costs, and overall volatility, of steel. Along with more stable pricing, a Corzan CPVC system costs less and is faster and easier to install than traditional metal systems, with no torches required. CPVC pipes and fittings install using one of two straightforward, affordable methods: solvent-welding or mechanical joining.

Unlike metallic materials, CPVC will not corrode over the life of the system and requires no additives or maintenance to prevent corrosion. Pipe and fittings made from Corzan CPVC are inherently less prone to biofilm growth than other materials due to their exceptionally smooth internal surface; in addition, they can withstand ASHRAE 188 Guideline decontamination without risk of damage. (Learn more about Legionella and piping systems here.)

Looking for assistance on switching from steel to Corzan CPVC for your next project? Contact your Corzan representative.