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Corzan® CPVC Partner Manufacturer: Sioux Chief

Lubrizol’s TempRite® family of CPVC products—Corzan® CPVC, BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems and FlowGuard Gold® Pipe and Fittings—partners only with industry leaders with outstanding reputations for quality. We are proud to welcome long-time colleague Sioux Chief Manufacturing to our list of partner manufacturers.

Founded in the 1950s, Sioux Chief Manufacturing (SCM) began by packaging specialty fasteners and other residential plumbing items. SCM began creating specialty fittings in the 1960s, including a spinning copper tube adapted for stub outs, and lead the way on pre-formed copper (PFC) to CPVC transition fittings. SCM offers PFC/CPVC transition fittings in 1/2-inch to 2-inch sizes made to the ASTM D2846/D2846M standard. And a new line of PFC Gray IPS CPVC transition fittings in 1/2-inch to 2-inch sizes made to the ASTM F438 standard has been released, using the Corzan CPVC compound.

SCM heard their customers’ demands for more CPVC transition fittings and continuously innovate to meet those demands. This means choosing the highest quality CPVC, which means Lubrizol’s Corzan CPVC, BlazeMaster and FlowGuard Gold CPVC. SCM CPVC transition fittings have been approved by the FBC™ System Compatible Program. This designation created new opportunities for both Lubrizol and SCM, opportunities that have only grown since SCM has joined the Corzan CPVC partner manufacturer’s list.

Learn more about the high standards of the Corzan CPVC partner manufacturer program and to see a list of our manufacturing partners.