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5 Strategies to Winning a Project

A large project that your company would be perfect for just opened for bid. As expected, the list of options is long and daunting. So, what’s next?

To increase your chances of securing a project, you must stand out, build strong connections, and do quality work. Here are a few strategies to help you win more projects as a contractor:

Send a Complete Bid
When creating a bid, it’s easy to just use the plumbing drawings as reference. However, plumbing contractors are involved in the project from when the dirt is dug to when the paint is drying. So, it makes sense to review all drawings from architectural to mechanical to structural. Also: all plans, schedules, and specifications.

By doing this, you’re submitting a truly complete bid that can reduce the need for RFIs, RFQs, or change orders, which can take more time and fuel frustration for all involved.

Be Flexible
Knowing how to negotiate and be fair with your prices and services will be greatly respected by the general contractor and owner. Allow them to make suggestions regarding the price, longevity, and types of products/methods to use.

Always be willing to provide deductive alternates. For example, if the spec asks for copper but you know that Corzan can do the job at a lower cost, suggest it. This will position you as a team player and a resource.

Develop a Professional Relationship With Your General Contractor
Having great connections can bring success in any industry. The relationship with your general contractor and owner is crucial. It starts with sending in an accurate and complete bid and continues through to delivering a quality job in a timely manner.

Remember that a great relationship can lead to recurring work and referrals down the line, which will help your business in the long run.

Keep Lines of Communication Open
The bid process can be overwhelming, so making the process easier can increase your chances of winning the project. Make yourself as available as possible for questions and concerns from the general contractor or owner.

Communication is crucial; without it, relationships can be strained. If you get a call, always call back and provide any information you can in a timely and professional manner.

Use Reliable and Industry-Proven Tools and Materials
Your role as a plumbing contractor is critical in any project. You must be able to provide what they are looking for: a reliable and durable product that will get the job done.

Corzan® Piping Systems are not only the products you can rely on, they’re the products that will last and keep your customers happy due to characteristics such as corrosion resistance and low biofilm formation.

If winning projects is important to you, contact your Corzan representative to learn more about the reliability of Corzan CPVC and how it can help your business grow.