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Take the Guesswork out of Choosing Ancillary Products | CPVC

CPVC pipe and fittings are the material of choice for commercial and institutional plumbing and HVAC applications around the world thanks to their reliability and efficiency. But not all CPVC piping systems are equal. Differences in a CPVC compound’s manufacturing, material science and chemical processing mean that the resulting piping and fitting products may or may not be compatible with all ancillary construction products such as thread sealers, gasket and gasket lubricants, firestop products and cleaners.

That’s why Lubrizol Advanced Materials developed the FBCTM System Compatible Program, the industry’s gold standard of chemical compatibility assurance for ancillary products, nearly 20 years ago. It is the oldest and most comprehensive such platform in the industry, covering all of Lubrizol’s CPVC pipe and fitting products – Corzan®, FlowGuard®, BlazeMaster® and TempRite® Technology brands.

The program provides assurance to specifying engineers, contractors, facility managers and building owners that ancillary products added to the FBC System Compatible Program can be used with confidence in a Corzan Piping System. That’s because any product given approval has undergone rigorous third-party testing that has confirmed it to be compatible with Corzan CPVC.We are not aware of any other manufacturer that employs third-party testing for their program. 

Manufacturers of ancillary products from 13 categories voluntarily submit their products for third-party certification testing and auditing developed by Lubrizol. No formulation changes are allowed to the tested and approved products. If formulation changes occur, re-evaluation must take place. Products are re-certified on an annual basis. Manufacturing facilities and processes are also audited.

The FBC System Compatible Program is NOT Universal 

It is important to note that FBC System Compatible Program third-party testing is performed for compatibility with Lubrizol CPVC products only. Products approved by the FBC System Compatible Program are not automatically approved for use with other CPVC manufacturers’ pipe and fittings. We do not recommend other brands refer their customers to the FBC System Compatible Program as every manufacturer’s product formula is different.

Currently, 50 manufacturers have certified products through the FBC System Compatible Program in the United States, Canada, Mexico, 25 European countries, the United Arab Emirates, India and China. Look for the FBC System Compatible mark displayed on labels of accepted products.


More Than a List of Recommended Products  

The FBC System Compatible Program goes well beyond providing a static list of recommended products.

It is simple to determine which brands and manufacturers are compatible with Corzan CPVC pipe and fittings by using the handy system compatible finder. Apps are available for iPhone and Android devices to connect directly to the FBC System Compatible Program website and search for chemically compatible products. In addition, a regularly published change notification page indicates products that have been added to the compatibility list as well as those that have voluntarily dropped. All the latest updates and new product information are pushed directly to the app so you always have the latest information.

Corzan Piping Systems also makes it easy to know for certain which brands and products are NOT approved for planned interaction by listing products that testing has found to be incompatible with Corzan CPVC pipe and fittings. Not only that, the FBC System Compatible Program provides the rationale behind each incompatible listing with a compatibility hazard that describes why the ancillary product is inappropriate for use.

This eliminates any potential speculation, helping safeguard against system failures due to incompatibility. We know of no other competitive product that provides such a guide.


Need Reassurance? Let’s Talk About It

There may be times when more information is needed. The FBC System Compatible Program provides an exclusive Other Compatibility Topics forum to accomplish that. Questions or issues surrounding planned or incidental interactions populate this platform and address the construction products most common to the application of Corzan Piping Systems. Topics such as gap-filling, flexible wiring and cable, hangers and straps, and many more are covered.

You can rely on the information and guidance provided, as it has been fully vetted by engineering and legal experts in terms of its compatibility and interaction with Corzan CPVC. If you want more help, the opportunity to ask a compatibility question is linked to on the same page.

No matter what materials you use, ensuring compatibility is essential. Before selecting ancillary products, instantly find products known to be compatible with Corzan CPVC pipe and fittings for free with the FBC System Compatible Program.

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