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Industrial applications create some of the harshest conditions to which a material can be subjected. Consequently, the materials intended for use in these environments must be especially resilient.

For instance, extremely corrosive chemicals essential in applications, such as chemical processing and wastewater treatment, must be stored, processed and transported safely and effectively. This requires containment materials that possess very high corrosion-resistant properties.

The vessels designed to contain these chemicals have been traditionally composed of steel, fiberglass or exotic alloys, but chemical tank manufacturers have learned that the lifespan of these materials is limited by their inherent chemical resistance qualities.

As a result, fabricators have begun the practice of adding more robust chemical-resistance layers into dual-laminate tanks to create longer-lasting containers. This has directly helped to limit the amount of downtime manufacturers must endure related to repairs and tank replacement.


Where to Turn When CPVC Is Specified

Tri-Clor—a leading fiberglass and dual-laminate tank fabricator—bid to supply dual-laminate chemical storage and processing tanks for a Chlor-Alkali facility. The facility's vessels varied in diameter—ranging from 5 to 14 feet—and would be used in several harsh applications, such as:

  • Chlorine drying towers and anolyte
  • Chlorate
  • Chlorine condensate
  • De-chlorination
  • EVS circulation
  • Sulfuric acid storage
  • Spent sulfuric acid storage
  • Neutralizer tanks

The Chlor-Alkali facility specified that proposals include CPVC as the chemical-resistance layer material. This led Tri-Clor to contact Lubrizol, pioneers in CPVC technology, to ensure the best possible material be recommended.

When Tri-Clor representatives reached out, I explained that our Corzan® CPVC sheet material would satisfy the demands of the facility's dual-laminate tank applications. 

Corzan Industrial Systems have a wide range of chemical-resistance properties, and can stand up to the full range of pH levels—from extremely acidic to the most caustic bases.

Its corrosion-resistance performance is well proven, a reason why it is the most trusted and specified industrial thermoplastic in the world.


How Corzan Helped Tri-Clor Win the Dual-Laminate System Bid

Tri-Clor proposed a plan to fabricate a dual-laminate system utilizing a Corzan CPVC liner with a fiberglass structure, which helped win the project bid. 

“In this particular case, fiberglass couldn’t stand up to chemicals the way high-quality Corzan CPVC can, but fiberglass will give the tank good outer strength—that is why we have chosen this dual-laminate system. The Corzan brand has always been our first choice when it comes to choosing a CPVC for chemical resistance, and we’ve never been given a reason to use another material.

The chemical resistance of the Corzan CPVC liner with the added strength of the fiberglass structure will contain most excursions and is repairable. As a result, the dual-laminate tank can have a much longer production life than tanks made of steel or fiberglass alone, which means less interruption of service time due to replacement, and ultimately, savings for the end user.

Tim Schoessel, president of Tri-Clor

The advantage of working with Lubrizol does not end with access to high-performing materials either. According to Tim Schoessel:

Lubrizol did not simply return our phone calls when we asked for assistance; they went so far as to set up a one-on-one, full-day, on-site visit in our case. As an owner, I appreciated the amount of time and effort Lubrizol put forth to provide excellent advice and customer service. It was a tremendous help to us.”


Industrial Companies Rely on Corzan

As Tri-Clor’s example shows, industrial companies can rely on their chemical storage and processing units more than ever, and can wait longer to make replacements, thanks to Corzan Industrial Systems’ superior performance. And, with Lubrizol’s support, fabricators can feel confident that they have a knowledgeable, global partner backing them at every turn.


Want to learn more about Corzan CPVC?

Corzan Industrial Systems sheet material is available from a network of manufacturers and distributors for easy access to the best thermoplastic material available in the world. If you'd like to schedule a time to discuss our industrial CPVC capabilities, let's schedule a consultation.


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