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The Corzan® CPVC Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects and specifications library has been expanded. Previously, pipe and fittings were only available up to 8 in.—now find pipe sizes up to 24 in. and fittings up to 14 in. (fittings larger than 14 in. are currently fabricated, not injection molded).

We expanded our CPVC pipe, fittings and valves library to enhance our support of industrial engineers, designers and architects. With access to these files, users can better:

  • Detect and prevent design conflicts.
  • Quickly create multiple designs to compare and identify the best value-engineered solution.
  • Create detailed outputs for accurate cost estimates.
  • Lower costs by reducing on-site errors and delays.
  • Communicate clearly with non-technical investors and design makers.


How to Download Corzan CPVC BIM Software Files

Our library is available through bimobject, a web-based search engine for BIM objects and specifications for use in Revit, AudoCAD, Maya and other CAD applications. Access it by clicking the button below.

 Access BIM Library


Delivering Reliability

With Corzan chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), you can trust you’ll receive reliable piping material that is corrosion resistant, capable of withstanding high heat and pressure, and provides a lower life-cycle cost than alternatives. We are continuously innovating and redefining the standard for product performance. 


Engineering Advice and Support

Our team of regional product and engineering specialists has the expertise to provide advice, information and training throughout the life of your piping system.

If you have any questions about Corzan CPVC, installation or specification, we're happy to set up a time to talk.


BIM Library