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What’s In a Name? The DNA of Corzan® Piping Systems

How do you define Corzan® Piping Systems? Is it a product? Is it an ingredient of a product? It’s a good question, with an even better answer for specifiers, installers, distributors and our partners in the plumbing and HVAC industries.

Corzan Piping Systems is the combination of core competencies that have been brought together by Lubrizol Advanced Materials for one purpose: to ensure the highest standard of product quality and performance to the plumbing and HVAC sectors that rely upon quality piping systems. Below are the strengths that underpin every pipe and fitting that bears the Corzan CPVC name. 

  • The Lubrizol materials scientists who invented CPVC and continue today to formulate and improve the raw piping compound, using proprietary base resins and additives delivering long-term performance and compatibility with ancillary products
  • The manufacturing partners with proven track records of quality and reliability who convert Corzan into CPVC pipe and fittings bearing that name
  • The Lubrizol lab professionals who possess laser focus on quality control and product testing that exceeds minimum industry standards for thermoplastic pipe
  • The Lubrizol online engineering tools and in-person support resources available to assist building teams in establishing the optimal piping system design for the project
  • The Lubrizol piping consultants who train and educate installers at the jobsite to ensure a smooth execution of the chosen solution