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Why ResinTech Trusts Only Corzan® CPVC

The Gottlieb family are a pillar in the Camden, New Jersey, community. When they chose to invest in the “City Invincible” by building their 175,000-square-foot cation resin manufacturing facility there, President Larry Gottlieb leaned on his three decades of experience with CPVC and called up Carl Ray from the Corzan® CPVC team.

Larry loves his community, his business and his employees. He needed a material that could withstand the highly corrosive slurry that would move throughout the facility in overhead pipes. Corzan CPVC can transport harsh chemicals at high temperatures and pressures – up to 200°F (93.3°C) at 150 psi – without the fear of failure. Larry stated, “I like to use Corzan CPVC in chemical use because, should there be an unexpected sidebar reaction, it’s essential that the pipe not fail.” Operational reliability, worker safety. That’s why ResinTech trusts their safety to the almost 37,200 linear feet of Corzan CPVC piping in their facility.

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Carl Ray the local Corzan Material and Piping expert, was with Larry every step of the way, working directly with Larry’s team on specification and coordinating with third parties to get customized training for the installation team at the ResinTech site. Using Corzan CPVC means getting the best material, backed by over 60 years of CPVC experience and expert support before, during and after installation.

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