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Increasing Building Sustainability with Piping Systems


Increase Building Sustainability

When it comes to sustainable buildings, much thought often goes into the building envelope, the HVAC systems, solar panels, daylighting and other high-profile areas. But what about the components that aren’t as visible? Though they remain largely unseen behind the walls, piping systems play an integral role in achieving sustainable design goals. Choice of piping touches several aspects of sustainability, including water quality, resource management, and even energy use. This webinar will educate attendees on how to leverage piping material choices to understand life cycle assessment, earn LEED credits, improve energy efficiency, and ensure occupant health.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The role of piping systems in sustainably built structures
  • Information about life-cycle assessment for CPVC piping material and why life-cycle thinking is so important
  • How to earn LEED credits via piping material and design.
  • Insights on the potential future of piping and sustainability.