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The goal for all design/build teams is to deliver a project that is in spec and under budget. One key to meeting this goal is to involve the proper engineering, procurement and construction personnel throughout the design/build process – whether the individuals are internal experts or outside consultants. Team members should bring the right blend of experience, expertise and curiosity about innovative new products to achieve the desired results.


Identify the Best People for the Project

All design/build teams should include people who are knowledgeable about and capable of taking advantage of the new materials and engineering technologies available today, including computers and analytical tools that can assist with product comparison. 

Materials selected for new building projects are often sourced from around the world. The most effective design/build teams generally join experienced engineers and individuals who possess certain levels of expertise with those who have a special interest in exploring and adopting new, innovative products and techniques. 

Fear of failure can be an obstacle and may prevent team members from considering new technologies. Individual team members, therefore, should conduct a self-evaluation to identify how they obtain product and system information and the specific sources they trust. 

Sometimes, for example, team members rely on information sources that confirm what they already think rather than search for unbiased data about new products and techniques. Team members, therefore, must be open to exploring new products and technologies and engaging in their own due diligence to confirm applicability.


Involve a Materials Specialist

Every design/build team should include a materials specialist who possesses a broad knowledge of materials and is open to considering new innovations. In some instances, product manufacturers serve in consultative roles as material specialists. Lubrizol’s Corzan® CPVC experts, for example, often provide materials consultation by sharing information and insight with design/build teams, owners, contractors and subcontractors.

Corzan CPVC is a specially engineered thermoplastic, and Lubrizol experts are available to discuss thermoplastics, in general, and specific performance advantages of Corzan CPVC piping versus other CPVC systems as all CPVC materials are not the same. Corzan CPVC team members have assisted many companies with design/build projects and, while they cannot provide specific details about those projects, they can share the knowledge gained through past successes.  

Timing is everything and material specialists should become involved at the beginning so they understand the project scope and can make the best recommendations. Material for a piping system, for example, may not be finalized until the design is nearly 70 percent complete. The materials specialist, however, will be better prepared to specify the piping system material if he or she understands the system’s role in the overall process.


Gather Sufficient Information to Make Informed Decisions

New products and technologies are constantly introduced to the industrial construction market, which is why design/build teams must have the educational tools required to help them make informed decisions. Team personnel may depend on companies such as Lubrizol, which is the market leader, to provide the necessary educational tools.

The Corzan CPVC website, for example, offers product and application insight via spec sheets, brochures, e-books, test videos, webinars, case studies and more. The site also provides the Corzan CPVC Chemical Resistance Chart, showing how Corzan CPVC performed against 400 different chemicals, including highly corrosive chemicals.

Remember, however, that if materials change from what was used in the past, the design and installation will likely change, too. A material change may require educating the existing contractor or selecting a different contractor to achieve desired results.


Depend on Proven Brands

Design/build teams are faced with many product choices and decisions. Teams will achieve the best results on behalf of the company when they combine experienced team members and those with specific areas of expertise with individuals who have a passion for exploring and adopting new, innovative technologies.

Few individuals want to be the first to try a new product or innovation, which is why it important to select brands with proven track records.

Corzan CPVC piping systems offer over 60 years of proven success in a range of challenging industrial applications, providing an excellent balance of properties to increase productivity while reducing capital and CPVC life-cycle costs. 

To learn more about how Corzan CPVC meets industrial plant needs, contact a Corzan Piping System Consultant for a free suitability review and technical assessment.


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