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Based in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, B & D Plastics is a leader in the design and fabrication of fiberglass and dual laminate process equipment. The company sought a material that would provide the mechanical strength and chemical resistance needed to enhance the structural integrity of its fabricated composite structures, including scrubbers, towers, evaporators, precipitators, clarifiers, storage tanks and piping systems.

B & D Plastics selected Corzan technology manufactured by IPEX USA primarily because of Corzan CPVC’s established track record. The Corzan CPVC Chemical Resistance Chart confirmed the product’s resistance to more than 400 chemicals to help B & D Plastics engineers verify that Corzan CPVC could perform in a broad range of corrosive environments. 

B & D Plastics fabricated over 2000 feet of chlorine cell liquor headers that were designed for operating at 160°F (71.1°C). The headers consisted of components varying from six to 12 inches.

In addition, B & D Plastics chose CNC “Computer Numerical Control” butt fusion of Corzan material for a corrosion resistant liner in conjunction with a Hetron FR992 fire retardant resin system for the fiberglass structural shell. Skilled manufacturing combined with careful material selection helped ensure B & D Plastics customers that their below-deck headers would operate maintenance free for many years.

“Corzan is the only material we recommend when we see applications where CPVC may be used,” said Tom Reeves, president and CEO of B & D Plastics. “As a result of Corzan’s technical support and its ease of use in our vessels, we are able to meet our production schedules.”


Operability and the Ability to Handle High Temperatures Makes Corzan CPVC the Obvious Choice

B & D Plastics chose Vycom’s Corzan CPVC sheet material to fabricate a vessel needed for scrubbing and treating waste gas streams and coal degasification. After conducting research and relying on information and insight available from Corzon experts and the Corzan website, B & D Plastics engineers selected Corzan CPVC for its operability and ability to economically handle extremely high temperatures and corrosives at a low cost.

Corzan CPVC can be combined with fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) to produce a vessel that is structurally sound and corrosion resistant. Utilization of Corzan liners can extend the intended service life by decades. The product is also ideal for combating the harsh ambient conditions present during the manufacture, storage and transportation of highly-demanding industrial product materials.

Reeves commented: “CPVC is a very cost-effective solution to many corrosion issues compared to other plastic materials used in dual laminates. It meets the stringent environmental demands of the chemical and chlor-alkali industries.”


Lubrizol Support is a Value-Add

High quality contractors, facility owners and fabricators like B & D Plastics depend on material experts like Lubrizol’s consultants to help them select the right materials to provide the long-term performance, reliability and productivity required for challenging applications. At Lubrizol, timely support is a value-add offered to every customer and prospect who needs help buying, specifying or installing Corzan CPVC. Sixty years of CPVC experience solidify Lubrizol’s product and technical support.

From spec writing to installation, Corzan product and engineering experts are always available to provide the information, advice and training required to select and integrate the best Corzan CPVC solution to specific applications. To learn more about Lubrizol’s highly engineered thermoplastic Corzan CPVC, contact a Corzan CPVC System Consultant for a free suitability review and technical assessment.


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