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Choosing the Right CPVC For Your Piping System | Corzan

Merriam-Webster defines generic as “anything that is not sold or made under a particular brand name.” But when it comes to materials, what’s in a brand name, and how does a branded material differ from a generic? For instance, in some product categories, a generic version of a material may well be an acceptable choice to accomplish the function at hand.

Thermoplastic CPVC is a piping material that can provide a solution to the shortcomings of metallic piping materials, offering inherent and superior resistance to the corrosive chemicals, elevated temperatures and high pressures found in the harshest processing conditions. However, when it comes to material technology, manufacturing quality and value-added support, all CPVC isn’t the same.

Technology For the Long Haul

The innovation of CPVC as compared to other plastic materials was that approximately 40 percent of the bonding sites on its carbon backbone were filled with large, strategically placed chlorine atoms. For over 60 years this technology has protected the molecular chain from attack and provides CPVC with its superior chemical and temperature resistance. Unlike generic CPVC, Corzan® CPVC is a proprietary compound with a specified molecular weight and chlorine content plus additives to ensure long-term performance. It is formulated to achieve pressure ratings, tensile strength and impact strength for the finished product that exceed minimum applicable industry standards.

Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Corzan CPVC is only available through select pipe and fitting manufacturing partners meeting rigorous production and quality standards with a track record of reliability. To guarantee consistent and high quality production, each manufacturer is contractually required to participate in our Quality Assurance Program. You don’t have to worry about when, where and by whom the CPVC is manufactured into your finished product.

Value-Added Support When and How You Need It

With Corzan Industrial Systems, you’re not just buying high-quality CPVC piping material. You’re also partnering with the pioneer in CPVC technology. We believe in seeing project execution through to the end, because every step of the process determines the ultimate integrity of the system. Specifiers, project engineers and installers have their choice of online and in-person resources to ensure success.  

To help you better understand why these differences matter in setting up your piping system for long-term success, and why Corzan CPVC can help you exceed your timeline, budget and performance goals, download Choosing the Right CPVC For Your Piping System: An E-Book for Piping System Designers and Installers.


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