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Corzan® CPVC Reduces Power Plant Downtime and Maintenance Costs

In power plant operations, process chemicals can degrade and reduce the service life of many metal piping systems, potentially causing expensive unscheduled maintenance, disruptive outages in critical operations, and property-damaging leaks in these systems. All of these issues require responsible operators to establish and implement corrosion control and management programs to assure plant availability. These programs typically amount to an ongoing and significant outlay of financial and other resources.

Why Corzan CPVC Changes the Game

That even one corroding pipe segment could lead to a system shutdown should be a concern for all system designers as well as maintenance professionals. The reality is that unplanned downtime and shortened piping service life become lesser concerns with Corzan® CPVC pipe. Resistant to many corrosive acids, caustics and salts at temperatures up to 200°F/93°C, Corzan CPVC stands up to the effects of chemicals such as sulfite-based oxygen scavengers. CPVC is also resistant to hypochlorite, caustic soda, sulfuric acid, sodium sulfite, ferrous chloride, ferric chloride, hydrogen sulfide and alum. Wherever in the plant water is being treated or a chemical reaction being facilitated, Corzan CPVC is a strong candidate for consideration as the piping material.

Furthermore, in many metallic piping systems and even some nonmetallic ones, the joint can be the most vulnerable part of the system. It’s the point at which deposits of unwanted solids will collide and accumulate, and the point most likely to fail. The opposite is true of Corzan Industrial Systems. Each solvent-cemented joint creates a permanent welded bond that is stronger than either the pipe or the fitting alone. The bends at each joint, in addition, are less pronounced and less likely to provide a sink for any solid deposits that have broken off into the flow.

Corzan CPVC: An Alternative for Chemical Pretreatment Without Corrosion

In power plants, achieving purity is one of the most important elements of reliability in operation. The piping systems that deliver pretreatment chemicals to remove corrosive and scale-causing matter and balance pH levels from these fluids are intended to assure the system avoids unplanned downtime when solids are allowed to foul the water, choke off flow and increase pressure. In addition, treatment chemicals used to deionize and demineralize water are themselves sources of corrosion and scale.

Corzan CPVC is not only ideal for lining the tanks in which the treatment chemicals are stored, but it is formulated specifically to be used for piping in the most aggressive process environments and can accommodate wide pH swings in the fluids it transports, bringing with it process efficiency, plant reliability and uptime, and a lower total system cost.

Keeping Power Plants Cool A Breeze for Corzan CPVC Supply Lines

Another recommended use for CPVC Industrial Systems to manage downtime and reduce maintenance is cooling water piping. These systems could include:

  • Cooling towers
  • Inlet chilling systems
  • Demineralized water systems

For those applications installed completely or partially outdoors and exposed to the elements and weathering, the compounding expertise of our engineers has enabled us to integrate highly effective defense mechanisms into Corzan CPVC that protect the material’s structural integrity against UV exposure. Corzan CPVC uses carbon black and titanium dioxide, additives that are widely recognized as excellent UV blocking agents.

Corzan CPVC Keeps Piping Total Costs In Check

In short, piping materials installed in power plants must be compatible with untreated water and/or the chemicals used to treat raw water to prevent corrosion. In addition, Corzan CPVC is used by power generation plants for all types of water or wastewater piping, whether the plant is nuclear power, coal-fired, combined cycle, or combined heat and power (CHP).

With a proven track record of providing reliable piping, ducting and liners that mitigate corrosion issues and prolong the life of a system, system designers and plant engineers have lots of options. Emergency repairs can easily be made because the piping is readily available and can be installed and tested quickly using mechanical couplings. Engineers of new power plants and plants looking to upgrade or replace existing systems rely on Corzan CPVC for its long-term, corrosion-free capabilities.

Get started by verifying the compatibility of Corzan CPVC with the type of water and chemicals used in your specific processes by referring to the Corzan CPVC Chemical Resistance Table, which shows how Corzan CPVC tested with over 400 chemicals and compounds.


Compare Corzan CPVC's Suitability with 400+ Chemicals