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Custom Fabrication For Thermoplastic Air And Fluid Handling

Harrison Machine and Plastic Corporation is one of the nation’s largest custom fabricators and distributors of plastic pipe, duct and fittings for a wide range of industrial applications. Since 1970, the company has specialized in thermoplastic fluid and air handling systems that are used in extremely corrosive environments, customizing solutions to meet any customer need.

Corzan® Industrial Systems is a perfect match for Harrison Machine. Corzan CPVC is an ideal fit for a wide array of industrial environments where demanding environments require a material with the mechanical strength and high-temperature resistance to provide a reliable, long-term performance. Corzan Industrial Systems is backed by Lubrizol Advanced Materials’ nearly 60 years of CPVC experience and offers a full line of pipe, fittings, valves, sheet and duct that is easy to fabricate.

Custom Fabrication for Industrial Solutions

Since its inception in the early 1970s, Harrison has continually evolved to meet the changing needs of its customers. Over the years the company has expanded its array of capabilities with the addition of state-of-the-art CNC and auto weld machines. Despite its ongoing investment in the latest technologies, however, much of Harrison’s work is still crafted by hand to meet customer demands for quality and customization.

Complicated industrial projects often need specialized custom parts that are not typically manufactured by large manufacturers. Harrison custom fabricates duct, fittings, valves and pipe for every industrial application. From duct work that involves rolling dimensions between 26” and 60” and 4” and 24” extruded to customized 90-degree long sweep elbow fittings, Harrison can create whatever the project specification requires.

From stock to speed delivery, Harrison offers a complete Corzan CPVC exhaust system from the fan connection out through the roof. This includes any rectangular or round fittings, pipe, scrubbers, mist eliminators and any custom items you may need. Harrison is comfortable with unusual and special requests, and can quote your paper napkin sketch or your full blueprint drawings.

The Preferred Material for Withstanding the Toughest Industrial Demands

 Customers frequently turn to Harrison for advice on material choice and Harrison turns to Corzan CPVC from Lubrizol Advanced Materials. As the market has become better educated on the competitive advantages of the Corzan CPVC technology, Harrison has seen demand for the high-performance thermoplastic skyrocket. Today, in fact, more than half of Harrison’s business is done with Corzan CPVC, the only brand of CPVC the company stocks and fabricates.

Corzan CPVC has increasingly become the product of choice for many specifiers, often replacing PVC, fiberglass and higher-priced metals in numerous applications. There are many reasons why Corzan Industrial Systems is preferred over other non-metallic and metallic alternatives, including:

Make the Right Call

Few industrial teams offer so much. Let Harrison evaluate your next project to identify ways you can minimize costs and optimize performance with smarter product designs and material choices. You’re in good hands with Corzan Industrial Systems and Harrison Machine & Plastic Corporation.

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