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On Spec: Your Resource on the Suitability of Corzan® CPVC Piping Systems

Industrial facilities are challenging environments for piping systems. Traditional metallic materials have long been recommended for meeting the heavy demands made on industrial piping, but for the plant professional who must live with this material choice, there are heavy costs that may not have been envisioned at the outset - costs that require devoting significant resources to addressing them and can compromise the design life of the system you've recommended.


Ebook: Metal versus CPVC


Cost of Metal Piping Systems


Cost #1: Corrosion

Every client with a metal piping system must become an expert on the causes, mitigation and prevention of the inevitable metal corrosion.

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Cost #2: Reactivity 

Every metallic piping system reacts chemically or electrochemically with the medium it is carrying. Thus, metal is susceptible to degradation, extensive repair or premature replacement.

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Benefits of Corzan CPVC Piping Systems

There is an often-specified industrial material of some 60 years standing that is inherently corrosion resistant and non-reactive to a variety of mediums, as well as empirically suitable to stand up to the pressure, temperatures, stresses and impacts of many industrial operations. To read more about metal versus CPVC, click here to read the ebook.

Material Suitability Resources

  • White Paper: Chemical Resistance and Chemical Applications for CPVC Pipe and  Fittings
  • Metal vs. CPVC in Industrial Applications E-Book
  • Chemical Resistance Table
  • Thermal Expansion Calculator

Design & Other Resources

  • BIM Library of Pipe and Fittings
  • Case Study
  • Learning Sessions
  • Webinar: Why Corzan CPVC for Industrial Applications
  • Choosing the Right CPVC E-Book

Get the support to take your project from blueprint to completion

From spec writing to installation, the Corzan Industrial Systems team provides expert advice, information and training needed to select and integrate the best piping solution for your application.

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