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    Woldwide, China, Americas

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    Pipe and Fittings, Fabrication

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  • Chemical Processing
  • Chlor Alkali
  • Mineral Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Semiconductors
  • Wastewater Treatment

Partner Manufacturer Spotlight

Transport aggressive chemicals at high temperatures without corrosion concerns

Chemical processing plants create some of the most challenging environments for industrial piping systems. The combination of aggressive chemicals and high temperatures can compromise the long-term integrity of most piping materials, causing corrosion, process leaks and premature failures that lead to costly replacements.

Even the more expensive alloys, lined carbon steel, and non-metallic alternatives, such as HDPE and FRP, are challenged to provide a cost-effective, reliable solution.

Highly durable Corzan piping solutions stand up to the immense challenges of chemical processing plants over the long-term better than any other piping material, metallic or non-metallic.

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