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Video of Corzan® CPVC Burn Tests

Corzan® CPVC: Burn Test 

A burn test is conducted to see how a pipe responds to a flame. CPVC inherently does not sustain a flame when the source is removed. In fact, immediately after exposure to fire, CPVC develops a protective char that acts as a thermal barrier, reducing the rate of burning. 







Corzan CPVC vs. Other CPVC: Comparison Burn Test

Watch the side-by-side comparison video to see how alternative materials perform during a burn test. Specifically:

  • PVDF is quickly weakened by fire and fails.
  • Polypropylene (PPR) does not fail as early as PVDF or PEX, but it rapidly drips burning plastic, causing additionally safety hazards.
  • PEX starts to sag early on, and is the first to collapse and fail completely. 





Learn More About CPVC Piping

In this piping special report conducted with Chemical Processing, find out how CPVC is used in industrial processing applications and what sets it apart from alternatives.

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