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Field-proven to meet the ever-increasing demands of progressive water treatment


Corrosion to pipes, valves and fittings caused by chemicals and microbes can greatly impact the bottom line at water and wastewater treatment plants. Engineers and procurement officials must find cost-effective technologies that ensure quality and reliability. 

For more than 20 years, Corzan® Industrial Systems—made from non-corrosive, high-performance chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC)—has provided an excellent balance of properties that improve reliability and confidence while reducing capital and life-cycle costs for water and wastewater treatment plants. 

Check out the Corzan Industrial Systems guide, CPVC Use in Wastewater Treatment Plants, learn about where CPVC can be installed in wastewater treatment plants, which chemicals CPVC stands up against and how CPVC compares to alternatives in various applications.


The Corzan® CPVC Advantage

Water and wastewater treatment plants find reliability and confidence in Corzan Industrial Piping because it:

  • Eliminates internal and external corrosion caused by corrosive chemicals
  • Blocks the degrading effects of chemicals, microorganisms and UV light
  • Achieves long-term performance with superior mechanical strength and the highest impact resistance (24448 cell class up to 8-in. diameter, as defined by ASTM-D1784) of any CPVC pipe compound
  • Comes in diameters up to 24-in. 
  • Ensures optimal flow rates with excellent hydraulic capabilities and pressure ratings up to 200°F—nearly 80°F higher than PVC
  • Reduces installation time with a lightweight design (1/8 the weight of steel) and joining systems that eliminate the need for torches or complicated heat-fusion techniques
  • Decreases total installation costs attributed to lower material costs and installation time, as compared to metallic alternatives
  • Significantly lowers life-cycle costs over metallic systems that require continual maintenance
  • Meets and exceeds regulatory requirements, including smoke and flame resistance and NSF International standards for potable water safety


Metal pipe with scale
Metal piping after years of service
Corzan CPVC after years of service
Corzan CPVC after years of service


The Solution for Every Wastewater Treatment

water water process flow diagram

From primary wastewater treatment to wastewater odor control, Corzan CPVC meets the demands of the process.

PRIMARY WASTEWATER TREATMENT: Corzan pipe and fittings are ideal for primary wastewater treatment, as they are not susceptible to microbial corrosion and are resistant to commonly used chemicals, including ferrous chloride, ferric chloride, alum, and alkaline lime slurry systems that neutralize the acid generated during the nitrification of ammonia.

Since it is resistant to scaling and fouling, Corzan Industrial piping maintains its friction factor throughout its entire service life. With a constant Hazen Williams C Factor of 150, smaller piping can often be specified, resulting in significant cost savings. This means that less energy or horsepower is required to transfer fluids.

SECONDARY WASTEWATER TREATMENT: In this part of the process, piping is exposed to high concentrations of microorganisms when excessive biological growth washes out and collects in a clarifier. Byproducts of these microbes, including acids or hydrogen sulfide, or disinfectants and dechlorination chemicals, contribute to the corrosion of metallic piping systems.

Corzan Industrial piping stands up to both chemical and microbial corrosion, even when used to transport highly concentrated acids and caustic solutions used for pH control. It can also be used in outdoor applications, as it has excellent UV resistance and high heat tolerance. 

ADVANCED WATER TREATMENT: Corzan Industrial Systems provide reliable performance even when exposed to cooling tower applications and handling nominal concentrations of methanol for biological denitrification. Corzan pipe and fittings are pressure rated to 200ºF, making them ideal for double-containment systems, which are often required to transport treatment chemicals underground.

WASTEWATER ODOR CONTROL: With today's long list of odor control mandates, Corzan Industrial Systems are a proven material used in both traditional wastewater applications and in scrubbers and ancillary equipment. 

Whether a plant is using sodium hydroxide and sodium hypoclorite in its wet air scrubbers at temperatures as high as 200°F, or metal chelating agents in a liquid redox process, Corzan pipes and fittings offer the chemical resistance and superior high-temperature performance that wastewater odor control processes require.  


Safe, Reliable Solutions for Potable Water Systems

DESALINATION SYSTEMS: In desalination applications, Corzan Industrial Systems can handle the chemical feeds for reverse osmosis processing. Since Corzan pipe and fittings are not susceptible to attacks from high chloride levels, there is no need to pickle or passivate the piping system and no need for expensive cathodic protection against corrosion. And with its ability to resist ozonated water, high temperatures and UV rays, Corzan CPVC is cost-effective for potable water service in coastal and desert environments with growing water shortages. 

WATER TREATMENT: Corzan pipes and fittings are well suited for use where raw water is treated with corrosive chemicals and where chloride levels exceed the limitations of 316L stainless steel. Corrosion resistant and strong, Corzan CPVC has demonstrated long-term performance in water distribution applications—even in aggressive saltwater environments. Piping systems constructed of Corzan material are backed by third-party certification from NSF International to meet or exceed strict drinking water standards, ensuring the highest water quality the treatment system can provide. 


water treatment process


Why Specify Corzan CPVC for Water Treatment Applications?

Corzan pipes and fittings are made of corrosive resistant CPVC, and have proven to be a cost-effective and reliable alternative to metal systems. In addition, the products are available from a global network of manufacturers. 

Lubrizol also offers the largest network of technical support specialists who are experts in CPVC piping technology. 

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