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Fast, Easy and Safe Installation

Labor, fabrication and other installation expenses can combine to account for more than half of your total installed cost. 

With Corzan® CPVC, installation is fast, easy and safer than the alternatives. Eliminate the need for specialized training, laborers and equipment; reduce labor time; and get your plant up and running faster. 


Installed Cost: 6-in. (160 mm) Complex System 

Corzan CPVC Installed Cost


Corzan® CPVC Advantages

Corzan CPVC Piping Systems, Ducting and Sheet/Lining are:

  • Lightweight: Corzan CPVC is 1/8th the weight of comparably sized steel, which helps to reduce worker strain and injuries, and eliminates the need for heavy equipment.
  • Easy to cut: Corzan CPVC’s innovative compound makes it easier to cut than metal and CPVC alternatives, allowing for more efficient on-site fabrication.
  • Simple to install and maintain: Installing Corzan CPVC requires no complex tools, electricity, or highly skilled labor.
  • Safer: No open flame or ignition sources are required to join the material.

Joining Corzan® CPVC

There are two primary options for joining Corzan CPVC in an industrial application, depending on the product format:

  • Solvent Cement: Corzan CPVC’s simple two-step solvent-cement process creates a highly reliable joint by chemically fusing the pipe to the fitting.
  • Thermal WeldingUsing hot-air tools, fuse together Corzan CPVC seams, creating one continuous piece of material.

Threading and flanging can also be used to join certain CPVC piping systems.


When properly installed, solvent-cement joined CPVC pipe and fitting become the strongest part of the entire system.


Expert Installation Support You Can Rely On 

Backed by nearly 60 years of CPVC experience, our regional product and engineering specialists are always on call to provide expert advice, information, and trainingthroughout the installation of your Corzan CPVC. 


“Lubrizol did not simply return our phone calls when we asked for assistance; they went so far as to set up a one-on-one, full-day, on-site visit in our case. As an owner, I appreciated the amount of time and effort Lubrizol put forth to provide excellent advice and customer service. It was a tremendous help to us.” 

 Tim Schoessel, president of Tri-Clor 


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Corzan® CPVC Installation Resources

“It's a lot easier to handle. Two men can carry a pipe section, reducing the need for lifting equipment. You can't do that with eight-inch stainless steel pipes. Unlike steel, you don't have to thread Corzan pipe, and cementing sections together is a lot faster and more efficient than welding.”

— Gary Hopkins, President/CEO at Plastek Werks, Inc.

The Complete Solvent Cement Guide

In-depth information and practical how-to advice on the preferred CPVC joining method.

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Corzan CPVC Pipe Expansion Calculator

With the Corzan CPVC Pipe Expansion Calculator, account for Corzan CPVC's linear expansion and design around compression stress concerns.

Access Expansion Loop Calculator

Need Installation Training or Support?

Our team of regional product specialists and engineers are available to provide support throughout the installation of your Corzan CPVC system, including onsite training sessions.

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