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Support spacing recommendations are based on straight runs of uninsulated lines conveying fluids with specific gravities up to 1.0.

Heavy system components such as valves, flanged assemblies, tees and other forms of concentrated stress loads must be independently supported.

For specific gravities greater than 1.0, the support spacing from the table provided should be multiplied by the following correction factors: 

Corzan CPVC Support Spacing Specific Gravity factors


Maximum Support Spacing (ft.) Schedule 80

Maximum Support Spacing (ft.) Schedule 80


Support Spacing for 6-in. Diameter, Schedule 80 Thermoplastic Systems

Corzan CPVC pipe and support spacing


Maximum Support Spacing (ft.) Schedule 40

Maximum Support Spacing (ft.) Schedule 40


Pipe Hangers, Clamps and Supports

Corzan CPVC Pipe Hangers, Clamps and Support Diagrams


Horizontal Piping Hangers and Supports 

Corzan® piping should not be anchored tightly to supports, but rather secured with smooth straps or hangers that allow for movement caused by expansion and contraction. Hangers should not have rough or sharp edges which come in contact with the pipe. 


Vertical Piping Hangers and Supports 

Vertical runs of Corzan pipe should be supported by pipe clamps or by hangers located on the horizontal connection close to the riser. Hangers and straps that do not distort, cut or abrade the piping should be utilized. 

Maintain vertical piping in straight alignment with supports at each level, plus mid-story guide for pipe sizes 2-in. and smaller, or as specified by the design engineer to allow for expansion/contraction. 

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Thermal Expansion Calculator

With the Corzan® CPVC Pipe Expansion Calculator, account for Corzan CPVC's linear expansion and design around compression stress concerns.

Access Expansion Loop Calculator

How to Account for Thermal Expansion in Piping System Design

While expansion and contraction are unavoidable, resultant issues can be easily circumvented with the proper design considerations.

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