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Corzan® CPVC BIM Software Files

Access The Corzan BIM Library of Pipe and Fittings

Simplify Pipe and Fitting Design

To increase productivity in building design and engineering, Corzan® pipe and fittings are available in Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. 

corzan cpvc pipe and fittings bi

BIM’s real-time, 3D modeling software allows engineers and architects to:

  • Detect and prevent design conflicts
  • Quickly create multiple designs to compare and identify the best value-engineered solution
  • Create detailed outputs for accurate cost estimates
  • Lower costs by reducing on-site errors and delays
  • Communicate clearly with non-technical investors and design makers

Complete the form to access bimobject, a web-based search engine for BIM objects and specifications for use in Revit, AutoCAD, Maya and other CAD applications.







Corzan BIM objects can be directly accessed from within the Autodesk Revit program, and can be downloaded into active design sessions using Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD software.