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Corzan® CPVC Burn Tests

Corzan® CPVC: Burn Test 

A burn test is conducted to see how a pipe responds to a flame. CPVC inherently does not sustain a flame when the source is removed. In fact, immediately after exposure to fire, CPVC develops a protective char that acts as a thermal barrier, reducing the rate of burning. 

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Corzan CPVC vs. Other CPVC: Comparison Burn Test

Watch the side-by-side comparison video to see how alternative materials perform during a burn test. Specifically:

  • PVDF is quickly weakened by fire and fails.
  • Polypropylene (PPR) does not fail as early as PVDF or PEX, but it rapidly drips burning plastic, causing additionally safety hazards.
  • PEX starts to sag early on, and is the first to collapse and fail completely. 

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