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How CPVC Pipe Pressure Ratings Are Calculated

Determining the Long-Term Hydrostatic Strength of Thermoplastics

Piping used in industrial processing applications must stand up to both intense pressures and elevated temperatures without fail for extended periods of time—10 to 20+ years depending on the application.


For this reason, piping material manufacturers are required to empirically prove their compound’s pressure-bearing capabilities.

ASTM, ISO and the Plastic Pipe Institute have developed a number of test methods to verify the long-term hydrostatic strength of a thermoplastic compound.

In this free white paper, Corzan® Material and Piping Solutions’ product and engineering team will:

  • Walk you through the specifics behind how pressure ratings are determined for Corzan thermoplastic piping material and for the pipe itself
  • Advise on what needs to be accounted for when designing an industrial piping system.

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