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Basic Physical Properties of Corzan® CPVC Ducting

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Corzan® Industrial Systems offer the same outstanding balance of properties in round duct, fabricated duct fittings, industrial sheet, and welding rods.

Following is a detailed breakdown of Corzan CPVC ducting material. 


Basic Physical Properties

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Flexural Strength

Corzan CPVC Duct Flexural Strength


Flexural Modulus

Corzan CPVC Duct Flexural Modulus


Compressive Strength

Corzan CPVC Duct Compress Strength


Compressive Modulus

Corzan CPVC Duct Compress Modulus


Tensile Strength

Corzan CPVC Duct Tensile Strength


Tensile Modulus

Corzan CPVC Duct Tensile Modulus


Notched Izod Impact

Corzan CPVC Duct Notched Izod Impact


Specific Heat

Corzan CPVC Duct Specific Heat

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Engineering Design Manual

Download the full Corzan Pipe and Fitting Engineering Design Manual.

Chemical Resistance Table

Compare Corzan CPVC’s capabilities against more than 400 chemicals and compounds

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