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The excellent mechanical properties of Corzan® CPVC enable Corzan fume handling systems to withstand higher vacuum loadings and differential pressure conditions compared to traditional materials, especially at elevated temperatures.

Testing of CPVC duct by Lubrizol indicates that Corzan duct will perform well in most conditions encountered in a typical fume handling application.


Negative Pressure

Corzan CPVC Duct performs well when exposed to harsh environments. This was demonstrated by testing conducted at an independent test facility to determine critical collapse pressures.

Corzan CPVC Duct was taken to extremes under various negative pressure conditions to validate the product’s structural integrity at elevated temperatures when exposed to severe conditions. The negative pressure ratings shown in Table 1 are based on actual testing of round seamless extruded CPVC Duct at various temperatures and incorporate a 1.5:1 safety factor.

Max. Internal Negative Pressure Rating

Corzan CPVC Duct Internal Negative Pressure Rating 

Positive Pressure

Corzan CPVC Duct can endure greater levels of positive internal pressure than negative internal pressure. The table below shows the maximum recommended internal pressure rating in PSI for Corzan CPVC round seamless extruded Duct at various room temperatures.

Max. Internal Positive Pressure Rating

Corzan CPVC Duct Max Internal Positive

NOTE: Maximum values stated are for extruded duct pipe only, and incorporate a 1.5:1 safety factor. Consideration should be given to system design, method of fabrication, and joining which may require additional system derating. The use of compressed air or gases is not recommended for use with Corzan CPVC Duct piping.

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