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The resources, advice and insights needed to design long-lasting, reliable industrial systems from the pioneer in CPVC material.

Bryan Hutton, CPD

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Corzan® CPVC

Pipe Sag: Causes and Prevention

Basic principles of physics and thermodynamics dictate that the surface temperature of an industrial piping system when installed during ambient temperature conditions will change when it transitions to the operating state for which the system is designed. This is especially true if the piping system is installed during one season and goes into service in another. Outside installations are always subject to the thermal cycling of a typical day as well as seasonal climate cycling. In addition, our experience and understanding of external installations shows us that the solar energy of the sun can impact the surface temperature of piping in a pipe rack, adding heat that can lead to a total surface temperature significantly higher than the ambient temperature of the region.

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Blog Feature

Corzan® CPVC  |  Power Generation

Design for Pipe Stress in Power Plants

The hazardous caustic and corrosive chemicals and levels of heat and pressure involved in treating and moving large volumes of water in power plant operations make it incumbent upon system designers to choose from among the few materials for pipe, valves and fittings that can reliably stand up to these rigors. In plants from gas turbine combined cycle to nuclear to combined heat and power, one of the most reliable such materials is thermoplastic Corzan® CPVC.

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Understanding CPVC Piping Report

Understanding CPVC Piping Report

Delve deeper into CPVC's capabilities, benefits and performance in the harshest industrial applications.