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Corzan CPVC® Performs in the Most Challenging Environments Across Industries

Versatile Corzan CPVC® is specifically engineered to meet performance requirements in the harshest environments across a wide range of industries. The material is inherently inert to most mineral acids, bases, salts and aliphatic hydrocarbons and resists corrosion, a common problem that plagues many industries and results in costly downtime and repairs. CPVC also offers superior mechanical properties to ensure a long service life with minimal pipe maintenance.  

Corzan CPVC has a history of success and meets and exceeds application-specific requirements in the industries that follow. CPVC is also an excellent material for custom fabricating specialized industrial parts such as tanks and tank linings, scrubbers and ventilation equipment.

Piping for the Chemical Processing Industry Eliminates Corrosion

Aggressive chemicals and high temperatures that result in corrosion, process leaks and premature failure make chemical processing plants one of the most challenging environments for industrial piping systems. Even the more expensive alloys, lined carbon steel and non-metallic materials such as HDPE and FRP are often unable to provide the reliability and cost-effective performance required in chemical processing applications.

Durable Corzan CPVC can reliably handle aggressive chemicals ranging from sodium hypochlorite and sulfuric acid to phosphoric acid and caustic soda. The Corzan CPVC Chemical Resistance Chart shows the material’s compatibility with over 400 chemicals.

High-performance, easy-to-install Corzan CPVC pipe and fittings eliminate internal and external corrosion, provide excellent hydraulic capabilities and withstand high temperatures common to chemical processing operations. They also offer the mechanical strength required for various areas, including production facilities, blending operations, reagent processes, air scrubbing and wastewater treatment/ demineralization operations.

Piping for the Chlor Alkali Industry Ensures System Reliability

Transporting harsh chemicals at extreme temperatures combined with a high voltage electrolysis process can quickly compromise the integrity of piping systems used within the chlor alkali industry. As a result, many facilities are forced to choose between investing in expensive, exotic alloys or dealing with costly ongoing maintenance and premature failures.

Corzan CPVC piping systems are made with a specialty, high performance material that offers superior chemical resistance to reliably handle processing chemicals such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, concentrated sodium chloride and demineralized/deionized water.

Other performance benefits include low calcium and magnesium content for high purity brine and low thermal conductivity. Corzan CPVC systems are ASTM rated for increased impact strength and higher heat deflection temperatures. They also ensure the purity and concentration of the various compounds required within the electrolysis chamber.

Corzan CPVC is available in many sizes and dimensions and can easily be adapted for use with pipes, tanks, headers, manifolds and storage towers in chlor alkali applications. The material can also be custom manufactured into sheet and rod.

Piping for Mineral Processing Industry Meets Tough Challenges

Highly corrosive chemicals often used at high temperatures in mining operations can severely damage piping systems and result in ongoing maintenance and costly repairs. Whether the operation extracts precious materials from the earth or processes the raw materials after excavation, corrosion, sedimentation and crystallization compromise the integrity of most metallic systems.

Corzan Industrial Solutions have over 15 years of success in some of the largest mineral processing plants in the world, handling aggressive chemicals such as copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, metabisulphite, sodium cyanide and sulfuric acid. With performance advantages such as the elimination of internal and external corrosion and outstanding hydraulic capabilities, Corzan CPVC surpasses other materials for various applications, including electrolysis operations, electrowinning, electrorefining, acid service lines, gas vent scrubbers and froth flotation operations.

The challenges within most mineral processing operations are expected to increase as existing pits and mines extract more ores of lower concentrations from deeper in the earth’s crust, which will cause a shift in the chemistry of processed ores. As these changes occur, Corzan CPVC will continue to provide performance and cost advantages to help mineral processing facilities operate efficiently and productively over the long term.

Piping for the Semiconductor and Electronics Industry Helps Keep Plants Productive

Manufacturing integrated circuits (chips) involves the use of toxic and highly corrosive chemicals and liquids that few piping systems can endure. The semiconductor industry has also established high purity standards for its cleanrooms.

Corzan CPVC naturally resists corrosion and will not pit or scale when transporting aggressive chemicals used to manufacture semiconductors. The material is appropriate for installation in processing operations, exhaust ventilation and wastewater applications and meets the American National Standard for Cleanroom Materials Flammability Test Protocol as set forth by Factory Mutual Approval 4910 for pipe, duct and sheet products. 

Corzan piping is self-extinguishing with a Limiting Oxygen Index of 60 and fulfills the 25/50 flame spread/smoke developed requirements of the ULC 102.2 and International Mechanical Code (IMC) and the Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC) for installing plenums when tested in general accordance with ASTM E84.

The material is one of the only piping products that resists biofilm growth and withstands ASHRAE 188-compliant decontamination procedures, which generally require the use of high-temperature and/or highly chlorinated water. Corzan CPVC’s excellent balance of properties – including exceptional hydraulic capabilities – helps semiconductor and electronics plants remain operational and productive.

Piping for the Power Generation Industry Increases Operational Efficiency

Processes within power generation plants often include corrosive chemicals, seawater, demineralized water and high temperatures that compromise the reliability of most metallic piping systems – even expensive alloys and lined carbon steel.

While non-metallic systems are an option, Corzan Industrial Systems are more reliable and cost effective than materials such as PVC, FRP, HDPE and PP (polypropylene), and offer superior corrosion resistance and mechanical strength along with the ability to transport high-temperature liquids.

hydrochloric_acidCorzan CPVC systems promote efficiency and productivity in various areas within power generation plants, including underground cooling water loops, cooling tower risers and headers, demineralizer systems for creating boiler feed water, condensate return water applications and environmental systems.

Piping for the Water and Wastewater Treatment Industry Improves Bottom Line

Piping system corrosion caused by chemicals and microbes can greatly impact the bottom line for water and wastewater treatment plants. Made from non-corrosive, high-performance CPVC, Corzan Industrial Systems are field-proven to meet the increasing demands of progressive water treatment facilities and help ensure long-term performance.

Corzan CPVC is ideal for a range of applications – water treatment systems, advanced treatment systems, desalination systems and wastewater odor control. Corzan piping systems offer consistent, reliable performance even when exposed to cooling tower applications and handle nominal concentrations of methanol for biological denitrification. Pressure rated to 200°F, the piping system may be used for double-containment systems that often transport treatment chemicals underground.

In desalination applications, Corzan Industrial Systems handle the chemical feeds for reverse osmosis processes and withstand attacks from high-chloride levels. The systems’ ability to resist ozonated water, high temperatures and UV rays makes them suitable for potable water service in coastal and desert locations with growing water shortages.

In addition, today’s lengthy list of odor control and pollution controlling scrubbing mandates requires a proven material such as Corzan CPVC that has been verified in traditional wastewater applications, in scrubbers and ancillary equipment. Corzan CPVC provides excellent hydraulic capabilities to ensure optimal flow rate and has the ability to block the degrading effects of chemicals, microorganisms and UV light. Lower material costs and less time required for installation reduce overall installation costs compared to metal piping.

A Piping System That Meets Industrial Challenges

Highly durable Corzan CPVC piping solutions are designed to withstand the immense challenges inherent to a range of processing and manufacturing industries, providing performance advantages such as corrosion resistance, excellent hydraulic capabilities and the ability to efficiently operate with high temperatures and elevated pressure. 

Corzan CPVC piping has a proven 60-year track record of successfully performing in demanding industrial applications around the world. Learn more about how Corzan CPVC surpasses requirements in a range of plant operations. Contact one of our Corzan partner manufacturers or a Corzan CPVC System Consultant.

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